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Glow In the Dark Snowflakes

Glow In the Dark Snowflakes

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Add a touch of enchantment to any room with our Glow in the Dark Snowflakes! Made from durable PLA plastic, these snowflakes emit a mesmerizing green glow when the lights are turned off, perfect for creating a unique and fun ambiance in any space.

With four different patterns, you can decorate your room to your liking. Easily attach them to the ceiling or wall using mounting putty (optional at an additional cost) or hang them from a string (not included).

For best results, place them in a room that gets sunlight during the day or has a bright room light. You can also enhance their brightness by shining a flashlight (even better if it's a UV/blacklight flashlight) on them before bedtime.

Choose from our two packages: Small Package (4 large snowflakes, 8 smaller snowflakes) or Large Package (8 large snowflakes, 16 smaller snowflakes). Each snowflake is approximately 2 inches wide for the smaller ones and 4 inches wide for the large ones.

Note: Your brightness will vary based on the light exposure they receive. During the day, they have a whitish color to them. Give any room in your home the magic of a winter wonderland with our Glow in the Dark Snowflakes!

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