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Snowman Lantern Face Templates (3 Pack)

Snowman Lantern Face Templates (3 Pack)

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Free shipping!  Acrylic Snowman Face Templates – the perfect tool to bring out your holiday woodworking ideas this Winter season! These approximately 5.3mm thick templates allow you to use your router to carve out detailed snowman lantern faces for your woodworking and other craft projects   

With three captivating face styles included, you'll have the ability to carve these detailed designs that ensure a clean cut for your final product.

Designed to work with a router template bushing guide, these acrylic Snowman Face Templates provide a precise 1/8 inch offset to give you a repeatable and clean cut without the need for a CNC or laser.

Unleash your inner artist and create stunning wooden snowman lanterns for yourself or to sell.

 **these are physical acrylic templates to make the faces.

**this package includes 3,  approximately 10 inch by 5.75 inch acrylic templates that are 5.3mm thick.  

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